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BJL solemnly states here
This website is registered free of charge. In the calculation process, you are only charged fees for strategy calculation and formula simulation. We don’t charge the strategic bankroll fees. Meanwhile, all of the involved money consumption is transacted through BJL platform. Please be vigilant in case of offline transaction requirements, so as not to be cheated. We will not be responsible for the loss arising from this.
Registration agreement

BJL K9 website registration agreement

BJL K9 website (hereinafter referred to as "the web", URL: owner and you reach (hereinafter referred to as BJL K9) an agreement on the web’s services and other matters. Please read this Agreement carefully. After you click on the button of "Agree and continue", this Agreement constitutes Legal documents binding on both parties.

Article one: Confirmation and acceptance of this web’s terms of service

1.1 Ownership and operation rights of all electronic services in this web are owned by BJL K9. User agrees all terms of the registration agreement and become the official user of the web after completing the registration process. User's confirmation: the terms and conditions of this Agreement are the contracts that deal with the rights and obligations of both parties, which are always valid. If otherwise stipulated by law or otherwise agreed by both parties,Perform according to stipulations.

1.2 If the user clicks upon to agree this Agreement, he shall be deemed to confirm that he has the corresponding right abilities and the behavior abilities to enjoy the web’s relevant services, and he shall be able to bear the legal responsibility independently.

1.3 If you are under 18 years old, you are forbidden to use this web.

1.4 BJL K9 reserves the right to refuse to serve, close user accounts, clear or edit content or cancel orders within the bounds of the law permitted by the mainland law of the People's Republic of China.

Article Two: This web’s service

2.1 BJL K9 legally provides users with internet information and other services through the Internet. Under the condition when users fully agree with this Agreement and the provisions of the web, they can have the right to use the relevant services of the web.

2.2 Users must prepare the following equipment and undertake the following expenses by themselves as follows: (1) Internet equipment, including but not limited to computer or other Internet terminals, modems and other necessary Internet devices; (2) Internet expenses, including but not limited to Internet access fees, Internet equipment rental fees, mobile phone data charges etc..

Article Three: User information

shall take initiative and honestly provide registration information for the web. Users shall agree the provided registration information is true, accurate, complete, legal and valid. If the user registration information has any change, users should promptly update the registration information. If the provided registration information is illegitimate, untrue, inaccurate, nonexhaustive, users should bear corresponding incurred responsibility and the consequences, and BJL K9 reserves the right for service termination of this web.

3.2 When users browse and conduct probability calculation activities in this web, the involved user real name, correspondence address, phone number, e-mail and other private information will be strictly confidential. Unless otherwise stipulated by law or the user's authorization, the web will not disclose user privacy information to the outside.

3.3 After the successful registration, user names, passwords and other account information will generate. You can change your password according to the provisions of this web. Users should be careful and reasonable to save and use their user name and password. If users find any illegal use of user accounts or security breaches, please notify the web immediately and report to the police.

3.4 Users agree that, BJL K9 has the right to send system notifications, promotions and other information to registered users through e-mail, SMS, phone and other forms.

3.5 Users shall not lend the account acquired at the web to other users, otherwise the user shall bear all the liabilities arising therefrom and shall bear joint liabilities with the actual user.

3.6 Users agree that, BJL K9 has the right to use the user's registration information, user name, password and other information for login into the user's registered account, so as to preserve evidence, including, but not limited to notarization, witnesses and so on.

Article Four: User’s words and deeds obligations in accordance with the law

This agreement is formulated in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and rules of the state, and the user agrees to strictly abide by the following obligations:

(1) Users shall transmit or publish: Inciting to resist or breaking the Constitution or laws or the implementation of administrative regulations, inciting to subvert state power and overthrow the socialist system, inciting to split the country and undermine national unification, inciting ethnic hatred or discrimination, undermining national unity;

(2) When transferring data and information from mainland China to overseas, they must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of China;

(3) Users shall not use this web for money laundering, stealing trade secrets or stealing personal information and other illegal activities;

(4) Users shall not interfere with the normal operation of the web, and shall not invade the web and the national computer information system;

(5) Users shall not transmit or publish any illegal, criminal, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, hurtful, vulgar, obscene or uncivilized information;

(6) Users shall not transmit or publish any information or speech that will damage the state's social and public interests as well as national security;

(7) Users shall not instigate others to engage in any act prohibited by this article;

(8) Users shall not publish any content that may infringe upon others’ copy right, trademark right and other intellectual property rights or legal rights;

Users shall occasionally pay attention to and comply with all kinds of legal rules and regulations published or modified by the web.

The web reserves the right to delete all information within the web which does not conform to the laws, policies or untrue information without informing the user.

If the user fails to comply with the above requirements, the web has the right to make an independent judgment and to suspend or close the user account and other measures. Users must take legal responsibility for their comments and actions on the internet.

Article Five: Big data analysis information

The big data probability analysis information on this web may change at any time. This web does not make any special notices. Since the amount of data information on the web is extremely large, although this web will do the utmost to ensure the accuracy of the data you are browsing, due to objective reasons of Internet technology factors,The information disstrategyed on this website may have certain lag or error. Please know and understand this situation. BJL K9 welcome error correction.

Article Six: Probability calculation

6.1 BJL K9 chat ?software is programmed based on diversified Baccarat technology formula, single feature simulationy?, probability theory and mathematical statistics principle of science. It’s just used for reference and research interest. This web will not be responsible for any losses arising therefrom. Please keep away from gambling and cherish family.

BJL K9 web will guide the user for the best bet through a variety of technology betting rules and scientific statistical strategy, intelligent analysis of single curve. It will strictly control win and loss limit, reasonably manage and allocate user funds and ensure the safety.

Article Seven: coins purchase

7.1 Two parties agreed as follows in addition to the provisions and mandatory of law: The coins and price information in the web is only the transaction information release. Your must fill in and confirm the number of purchased coins, price, the payment methods, the receiver, contact way etc. when ordering; order information in the system is automatically generated according to the contents your fill in, which is only your transaction demand issue to the web; after receiving your order information, we will deem that you have established relationship with this web only when this web send you your purchased coins number. You can always log your account Registered in this web. And check your purchase balance.

Article Eight: Ownership and intellectual property right terms

8.1 Once the user accepts this agreement, it indicates that the user will all exclusively and irrevocably transfer any information, content, property, rights, and any other transferable rights which are published at any time in this web to BJL K9, such as copyright property right (including but not limited to: copy right, distribution right, rental right, exhibition right, performance right, theatrical right, broadcast right, Internet publicity right, right of adaptation, translation, the right of compilation, and other transferable rights of copyright owner. ). The user agrees BJL K9 Has the right to initiate proceedings against any bankroll infringement.

8.2 This Agreement constitutes written agreement on the transfer of copyright, property, etc. required by article twenty-fifth (The number of the article shall be determined in accordance with the copyright law of 2011) of the People's Republic of China Copyright Law and property rights stipulated by relevant laws. Its effectiveness is suitable for any works protected by copyright law in BJL K9 website. No matter whether the content is formed prior to the conclusion of this agreement or after the conclusion of this agreement.

8.3 Users agree and fully understand the terms of this agreement. Users promise not to publish the information already published in this web in any form, or authorize other subjects to use in any manner (including but not limited to use in various websites and media).

8.4 BJL K9 is producer of the web, who holds legal rights such as the copyright on content and resources of this website. It’s protected by the laws of the state, and has the right to modify this Agreement and the contents of this web from time to time, and can post on the web without giving further notice to the user. Within the maximum extent permitted by law, BJL K9 has legal interpretation for the web and related content.

8.5 Except as otherwise required by law, any unit or individual shall not illegally, wholly or partially copy, reprint, quote, link, crawl or otherwise use the information content of the web in any way without specifically clear written permission by BJL K9. Otherwise, BJL K9 has the right to pursue relevant legal responsibilities.

8.6 The published information (such as text, graphics, logos, buttons, icons, sound files, digital image fragment download, data editing and software) all belongs to BJL K9 or the provider's property, which is protected by Chinese and international copyright laws. All the compiled contents in this web is BJL K9’s Exclusive property, which is protected by Chinese and international copyright laws. All the software on this web is the property of BJL K9 or their affiliated companies or their software vendors, which is protected by Chinese and international copyright laws.

Article Nine: Limitation of liability and non guarantee of undertaking

Unless otherwise there are expressly written instructionss, the web and its implied or otherwise all the information, content, materials, products(including software) and services provided via the web, are provided based on "status" and "existence". Unless otherwise there are expressly written instructionss, BJL K9 will not give any form of, express or implied statement or warranty on the operation and the information, content, materials, products (including software) or services included in this website (Unless otherwise required by the laws of the People's Republic of China). BJL K9 does not guarantee the contained information or otherwise all the information, content, materials, products and services (including software), the server or electronic mail information from the web that provided by the web have no viruses or other harmful components. For online transaction failure, relevant information and record loss due to breakdown or inability of the sales system caused by force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of the web, BJL K9 will rationally try to help deal with the aftermath.

Article Ten:Protocol updates and user care obligations

According to the changes of the national laws & regulations and the operation of the website, BJL K9 has the right to revise the terms and conditions of the agreement from time to time, and the revised agreement will become effective once it is posted on the web and replace the original agreement. The user can log in at any time for consulting the latest agreement. Users have the obligation to occasionally consult, view and read the latest version of the agreement and notice in this web. If the user does not agree with the updated agreement, he can immediately stop receiving BJL K9’s services provided based on the updated Agreement.If users continue to use the relevant services, it’s regarded as the agreement for update. BJL K9 suggest you read this Agreement and announcement in this web before using If any item in this agreement is regarded as invalid or abolished, for any reason unenforceable, it shall be deemed to be divided and does not affect any other terms of validity and enforceability.

Article Eleven:Jurisdiction and application of law

The conclusion, execution and interpretation of this Agreement and the settlement of disputes shall be governed by the applicable laws applicable of the mainland People's Republic of China (but not including the rules of conflict laws). In the event that this agreement is in conflict with the applicable law, these provisions will be completely re-interpreted as required by law, while other valid provisions shall continue To take effect. If the parties of this agreement have any disputes for contents or the execution of this agreement, both parties shall try to resolve through friendly consultation; if consultation fails, any party can sue to the People's Republic of China continental court with jurisdiction.

Article Twelve: Others

12.1 BJL K9 web owners refer to the BJL K9 website business entities licensed or filed in accordance with the law by government sectors.

12.2 BJL K9 respects users and the legitimate rights of consumers. The agreement, various types of rules, statements and other content in this web aim to better and more conveniently provide services for the users and consumers. Users’ and social comments and suggestions are expected. BJL K9 will humbly accept and Timely modify this Agreement and various rules in this web.

12.3 Users shall pay more attention to the marked items in this agreement, such as bold, over-striking, underlined, italics and other significant highlight marks.

12.4 We regard you accept this agreement completely if you click on the "Agree and continue" button below this agreement. Please confirm again that you have acknowledged and fully understood all contents of this agreement before you click.